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User: mgrwc14
Location: Bakersfield
Registered: Nov-4-2011


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Who wants to make the right decision and start getting healthy!? Check out my website:

Posted By: mgrwc14 in Bakersfield
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Who is young and in debt!? Shoot me a message about coming to an event to make money!! You will be glad you did!

Posted By: mgrwc14 in Bakersfield
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Viewed: 444 timesNov-22-2011 9:25 PM
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Lol ya I'll float down it haha
Viewed: 347 timesNov-21-2011 12:52 PM
blog comment
cats? It says it is for pain lol
Viewed: 264 timesNov-17-2011 10:29 PM
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haha I thought it was something dirty too
Viewed: 264 timesNov-17-2011 11:36 AM
blog comment
Im going lol
Viewed: 518 timesNov-14-2011 1:05 PM
blog comment
I'm down!
Viewed: 227 timesNov-14-2011 1:02 PM
blog post
Starting a running/workout group
Viewed: 444 timesNov-7-2011 5:59 PM
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Bored in bako....
Viewed: 347 timesNov-4-2011 2:16 PM
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That looks super cool!!!
Posted By: Bako Apr-5-2014 5:25 PM
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My favorite gift from domain fest ! I like little gadgets :p It's a speaker that hooks to my Iphone with Bluetooth! Anyway tomorrow is the last day of! Sad but happy I got to go :)
Posted By: Bako Apr-2-2014 1:10 AM
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They finely made hoverboards I want one of these!
Posted By: Bako Mar-4-2014 8:04 PM
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Bako test redirect to new bako
Posted By: Bako Feb-17-2014 4:21 AM
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Bakotest redirect to new bako Posted By: Bako Feb-17-2014
Bako test redirect to new bakoPosted By: Bako Feb-17-2014
BakoFishing the KernLiked By: Bako Feb-6-2014
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#3 Both
Posted By: Bako Feb-4-2014 6:41 AM
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You are the first person for Hanford :)
Posted By: Bako Jan-28-2014 3:15 PM